1x Water Pillow

1x Water Pillow
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  • A clinically proven medical neck support pillow.
  • A pillow so comfortable, you’ll sleep more deeply and awaken more refreshed.
  • A layer of hypoallergenic polyester fibre rests over the water layer for exceptional comfort.
  • A thermal insulator surrounds the water layer to prevent heat loss.
  • An easy to fill water pouch, secured to the pillow base, provides gentle, responsive support all night long.

The new improved water pillow really does work. It is difficult to describe or explain why but the layer of water in the base gives the perfect support.

Each pillow has it's own filling adaptor and instructions (See below)

Filling Instructions

Frequently Asked Questions
Why are water base pillows better than other pillows?
The unique construction combines a high quality conventional pillow (top section) with an insulated water compartment (base section). The waterbase pillow relieves neck pain and stiffness by helping to correctly align the spine. Water naturally conforms to the contours of your head and neck to give the best support whether you are laying on your side or your back.  
Why is this unique construction such a benefit?
Sleeping with your head on the soft hypoallergenic fiber filled pillow for comfort and supported by the water base which is infinitely adjustable for height and firmness simply by adding or removing water.
How big is the water pillow and will it fit in a normal pillow case?
The water pillow will fit standard UK sized pillow cases which are 70cm x 50cm (28” x 20”) 
What is the filling in the top section?
No expense is spared in the production of this high quality waterpillow. Soft blow filled hypoallergenic fiber cradles the head and neck for comfort and support whilst insulating the water compartment.
What is the cover fabric made from?
100% cotton percale 40 x 40 / 133 x 100 
What is the construction of the waterbase?
The thermally insulated waterbase section is integrated within the pillow for the traditional soap bar shape. Double welded to prevent leakage. The filling valve is on the bottom face which is pushed inside to sit flush and the filler cap is sealed with a rubber washer.
Can the water pillow be washed?
Unlike a similar but cheaper quality waterbase pillow, the ‘xdream pillow’ can be machine washed at 40°C. Full cleaning instructions are supplied with each pillow.
Is the waterpillow ready to use?
Obviously the pillows are sent without water inside. Simply remove the filler cap, screw in the funnel which is provided and add water to give the desired comfort.
Does the water pillow feel hot, warm or cold?
The water compartment is insulated and is also below the poly fiber layer so you can not feel the temperature of the water. Unlike certain memory foam pillows which retain heat causing sweating. 
Will I hear the water sloshing about?
No, so long as you remove all of the air once you have filled the pillow you should not hear any sloshing noises which would only be caused by a mix of the water with air. There are easy to follow instructions included with each pillow.
Does the pillow have a warranty?
Yes, the waterbase pillow has a 1 year limited warranty for any manufacturing faults or defects. This does not affect your statutory rights.

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