30 Day Waterbed Trial

Why we give a 30 Day Trial on all of our Waterbeds

A waterbed is the most naturally supportive and comfortable sleeping surface available. It is the most hygienic having a washable cover and a wipe down vinyl waterbed mattress. Temperature control makes a waterbed the perfect bed. Those that have had waterbeds in the past will already know this but what if you have only been told of the wonderful benefits. You are thinking ‘It would be a lot of money to spend only to find out it is not suitable for you’.


We have the Perfect Solution

We are certain that a waterbed will improve your sleep, reduces back and neck aches and you will wake feeling significantly more refreshed. So if we are so confident why don’t we put our money where our mouth is? In the very unlikely event  that during the first thirty days of having your waterbed you decide that it is not suitable for you we will arrange to have the waterbed collected and we will give a refund based on our clear simple conditions (See below).


Giving a Waterbed a Fair Trial

In twenty five years of retailing waterbeds we have given the 30 days trial whether customers knew it or not. We could count on one hand those that could not get used to it. That said I could say with confidence that simply adjusting the water level to suit the individual or couple would have improved the comfort and the waterbed would never have been returned. Another factor could be the waterbed mattress selection. If the mattress has too much movement it can disturb yourself or a partner. A recommendation would be to select one of our more stable waterbed mattresses, ideally the super stable or ultra stable mattress.


You should be aware that when the waterbed mattress is new the layers of fiber that dampen and reduce the water movement can take up to fourteen days to settle so there will be more movement than expected during this process.

Achieving the comfort to suit yourself and a partner is a process of trial and error. Adding water will make the waterbed mattress firmer. If you feel that you lose support when a partner gets in that would suggest the waterbed is already overfilled and so syphoning out two or three washing up bowls of water will improve the support.


Plain English Terms and Conditions

We will refund the sale price and deduct:

Example, A waterbed purchased for £1000 including £50 delivery would receive £700 refund. A small risk in order to trial the best bed in the world.

£1,000   The delivery charge which was already paid with the waterbed  - £50 =   £950

                Towards the cost of components that we can not recycle  - £155       =   £795

                Empty, dismantle and removal - £95                                                    =   £700


We are able to offer the trial period because if a waterbed were returned we could supply it to a retail shop for display purposes.

For this reason the waterbed must be in pristine condition with no marks. If the waterbed is not in perfect condition it will not be collected and no refund given.


Payment Methods
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