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If you are reading this article I assume you have been told of the many advantages of a waterbed.

Softside Waterbeds

A softsided waterbed has the appearance of a conventional divan bed. This makes it very versatile, select the headboard that suits your decor, choose the colour and matching base.

Getting in and out is very easy because the top cover is zipped across the whole bed as opposed to just around the mattress.

Because the bed has the appearance of a conventional divan bed it will also take standard sized fitted sheets.

Early and cheap quality waterbeds have a fundamental design fault which means that over a short space of time the side foams will begin to bulge out as a result of the water pressure and anyone sitting on the edge. Our Olympia Deluxe is specifically designed to deal with this issue keeping its shape for years and years as opposed to months.

Softside Waterbed

Support and comfort are equally the same regardless of whether you choose hard or softsides

Having decided which type of water bed will best suit your needs you can then choose the size of the bed you require.

You can choose the stability from a range of five waterbed mattresses and the more specialised option of dual waterbed mattresses. Watch our video for guidance and advice or visit our shop in Southsea.

Softside waterbeds are very versatile. Adding your choice of headboard will customise the appearance of your bed to suit your decor. We have a great range of headboards to choose from.

A drawer unit will provide valuable storage in the base. You may decide to add a spare washable cover and sheets but your waterbed will be supplied with everything you need including the water bed mattress, safety liner, waterbed heater, mattress protector and waterbed conditioner.

All that remains to decide is whether you want one of our technicians to deliver and install the bed for you or if you wish to install the waterbed yourself. We have easy to follow installation guides to help. If you would like to discuss your requirements simply call or email and we will be pleased to help.