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Olympia Deluxe Softsided Waterbed Installation Guide

Rather than standing in the bedroom scratching your head thinking, where do I start? We have created this guide.

If you have ordered drawers with your waterbed lay the drawer fronts on the floor, position the drawer on top allowing for the finger pull at the bottom and centre on the width. Screw down through the inside of the drawer into the draw fronts using five of the 30mm screws.

Screw on two small brackets to the inside end of each of the two long sides of the upholstered base. Line then up with the head and foot ends of the base and screw through the brackets to join the four sides together.

Install guide image 1

Fittings are already attached to the inside of the base so you can quickly hook the drawer carcass sides in and connect the back section ready to slide the drawers in.

Spend time to position the drawer base exactly where it will go. Move the drawer carcasses to straighten the drawer fronts.

Screw the 'T' section weight distribution together using a 50mm screw. Insert one through the middle and one crossways at the head end.

Centre the three pieces of chipboard decking over the drawer base starting with the smaller centre section and ensure the overhang is equal all around.

Lay the foot end bumper on the chipboard and centre left and right using three 30mm screws. Screw the bumper down through the pre-drilled holes.

Positions the two side bumpers and butt the corners to the foot end. Screw the two sides down.

Position the waterbed heater and run the cable to the corner nearest your power supply.

Position and screw down the last bumper. This should meet the two side bumpers in the corners.

If a headboard is being fitted. Position the headboard packer centred on the back bumper and screw this down.

Lay the fabric casing and washable top over the bed with the zip start in the top right hand corner as you look at the bed.

Install guide image 1

Unzip the cover, turn the casing inside out, over the bumpers lining the inside seam with the join in the bumpers. Locate the rope edge into the slot in the bumpers.

Position the two side foams so that the batten holds the rope edge into the slot in the bumpers. Align the end of the foams flush to the foot end of the bed and secure using three of the 30mm screws through the pre-drilled holes.

Position the two end foams between the two sides and secure them.

You have now followed our guide on how to assemble the soft sided waterbed The only point I would make that is crucial and often overlooked is that you must check that the waterbed surround is perfectly rectangular. Trivial I hear you say but if the corners are not 90° then the waterbed mattress will never fit correctly as a water bed mattress is always cut with perfectly square corners. Watch our short video to see how.

You are now ready for the mattress liner and heater. Please read our installation guide for this.