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Choosing your waterbed mattress

This article has been written to guide customers through the process of choosing a new waterbed mattress.

You are either buying a new waterbed and need a little advice on which quality and stability to go for. Or you already have a waterbed and are buying a replacement waterbed mattress. The following information applies to both.

The first thing to decide is whether you have or will have a hardside waterbed or softside waterbed. A brief description of the difference can be found on our 'waterbeds page' but the mattresses are a different size so it is important to decide which one you require.

Secondly choose the size. Options appear on our water bed mattress page. Some additional special sizes can be supplied if needed at an additional charge.

Thirdly is the water mattress stability. Layers of fiber inside the waterbed mattresses absorb the water and so dampen the movement. More fiber means less movement. I could spend hours trying to describe five options of the range of movement. Instead you would be better to watch our short but informative video as a picture tells a thousand words and a video, several thousand!

Your fourth choice and possibly the most important is whether you choose twin waterbed mattresses?

An individual (mono) mattress needs to be adjusted to achieve the happy compromise when a partner gets into the waterbed. If there is too much water you may find it ok on your own but too firm for the two of you. To combat this you will need to remove some water. The problem comes when one or both of you are over or slightly overweight and the balance cannot be achieved. With dual waterbed mattresses each side can be individually adjusted to suit yourselves for perfect support and comfort.

The last thing to consider is the quality of the mattress. We offer two qualities

Standard quality waterbed mattress range:

  • Manufactured with thinner low cost general purpose vinyl.
  • Economic cuts reduce material cost but also increase stress on weld areas.
  • Two year standard guarantee. Four year life expectancy.

Deluxe quality waterbed mattress range:

  • Quality comes at a price, £50 more than our standard waterbed mattresses.
  • Generously cut to thicker vinyl, ensuring perfect support.
  • *Manufactured with specifically developed vinyl.
  • *Full five year guarantee. Eight year life expectancy.

Why do we sell two qualities of waterbed mattress?

High & Dry Waterbeds supply both trade and retail customers. The internet revolution means that we shop around for the best price, but at a certain point you get what you pay for. We have low prices for low quality waterbed mattresses which we avoid selling.

If we don't list these lower priced mattresses we will appear to be expensive so we have listed both our standard and deluxe mattresses. Our opinion is that like for like we have the best prices and for a difference of £50 the lower price is a false economy.

Support Firmness and stability are two separate things. A water-bed mattress can easily be adjusted to suit just yourself or a couple for comfort. If for example you find yourself blissfully comfortable in the bed until your partner gets in, this would indicate that you have too much water for the two of you. Simply siphoning a couple of buckets of water out will make all the difference. If you find the support is better when a partner gets in then you may have the water bed mattress under filled. Adding a couple of buckets of water will improve this. A little bit of trial and error and you will have the most comfort sleeping surface money can buy.