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hardside safety liner
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Hardside waterbed safety liner, designed to retain any water in case there is a spillage or leak. A hardside waterbed safety liner has thick card encapsulated within the vinyl sides so that it will stand up inside the waterbed frame. It is less likely to crumple below the water level if it is caught when tucking in the mattress protector like thinner cheaper liners. A good question to ask yourself is why am I replacing my existing water bed safety liner?

Had it been a decent quality in the first place there would be no need to replace it now. The thick vinyl used has a textured surface so there is no friction between the waterbed mattress and the safety liner. Our safety liners are also cut generously to allow the liner to fit snug into the corners of the waterbed surround so the corner seams are not under any stress. Low cost safety liners are cut tight so the pressure of the mattress will cause it to split in the corners.