Hardside Mattress Dual

Hardside Mattress Dual
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Dual Hardside Waterbed Mattresses

Why would I benefit from twin waterbed mattresses? An individual (mono) mattress needs to be adjusted to achieve the happy compromise when a partner gets into the waterbed. If there is too much water you may find it ok on your own but too firm for the two of you. To combat this you will need to remove some water. The problem comes when one or both of you are over or slightly overweight and the balance cannot be achieved. With dual waterbed mattresses each side can be individually adjusted to suit yourselves for perfect support and comfort.

Each mattress can have its own option of stability. Watch our video for guidance on selecting the mattress movement:
Additionally each mattress has its own waterbed heater so you can set the thermostatic control to your desired temperature without worrying that your partner will turn it up or down.
Although this is a more expensive option many would say it is a price worth paying for the considerably improved comfort and support.
Quality We offer two qualities, standard and deluxe. Read How long should a waterbed mattress last for guidance. We would always recommend paying a little more for much better.

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