Hardside Mattress Mono (Individual)

Hardside Mattress Mono (Individual)
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Hardside waterbed mattress mono, meaning one individual mattress.

Support Firmness and stability are two separate things. A waterbed mattress can easily be adjusted to suit just yourself or a couple for comfort. If for example you find yourself blissfully comfortable in the bed until your partner gets in, this would indicate that you have too much water for the two of you. Simply siphoning a couple of buckets of water out will make all the difference. If you find the support is better when a partner gets in then you may have the water bed mattress under filled. Adding a couple of buckets of water will improve this.
Quality We offer two qualities, standard and deluxe. Read How long should a waterbed mattress last for guidance. We would always recommend paying a little more for much better.
Standard waterbed mattress range:
  • Manufactured with thinner low cost general purpose vinyl.
  • Economic cuts reduce material cost but also increase stress on weld areas.
  • Two year standard guarantee. Four year life expectancy.
Deluxe waterbed mattress range:
  • Quality comes at a price, £60 more than our standard waterbed mattresses.
  • Generously cut to thicker vinyl, ensuring perfect support.
  • Manufactured with specifically developed vinyl.
  • Full five year guarantee. Eight year life expectancy.
Stability Waterbed mattresses contain layers of fiber which reduce the movement of the water. Watch our video to Choose the stability of your mattress:
Free Flow Waterbed Mattress - As the name suggests a free flow Waterbed Mattress will move for at least 15 seconds before settling. Early waterbeds had freeflow mattresses untill waterbeds were developed to have a range of stability
Semi Stable 50% Waterbed Mattress - Semi Stable (50%) waterbed mattress. Only four layers of fiber to dampen the movement of the water, this waterbed mattress will stabilise after approximately five seconds, this is not such a popular waterbed mattress as the movement will disturb a partners sleep.
Stable 75% Waterbed Mattress - Six layers of fiber reduce the movement of water so if a partner gets in the waterbed, the waterbed mattress will stop moving after approximately two to three seconds.
Super Stable 95% Waterbed Mattress - Our most popular waterbed mattress. Eight layers of fiber reduce the movement to approximately one second. It is easier to turn over and to get in and out over the waterbed frame.
Ultra Stable 99% Waterbed Mattress - The waterbed mattress is packed full with ten layers of fiber to absorb nearly all the water, so there is almost no movement. You will not have any disturbance if a partner moves. Even easier to get in and out of the waterbed.

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