Softside Mattresses

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Softside Waterbed Mattress Mono

Stability is how quick the water mattress stops moving.
This is controlled by layers of fiber that absorb and dampen
the water movement. Your choice of stability is preference
but on the next page we have more information and guidance.
Firmness and softness of a waterbed mattress is very
easy to adjust by simply adding or siphoning water to
suit either yourself or a couple for comfort and support.
A partners weight will displace water causing the water
bed mattress to feel firmer. Adjusting the levels will give
the correct support. Read more. video guide coming soon.

Dual Softside Waterbed Mattresses

Would I benefit from twin waterbed mattresses?
An individual (mono) mattress needs to be adjusted to
achieve the happy compromise for when a partner gets
into the waterbed. If there is too much water you may
find it ok on your own but too firm for the two of you.
To combat this you will need to remove some water.
The problem comes when one or both of you are over or
slightly overweight and the balance cannot be achieved.
Dual waterbed mattresses each side can be individually
adjusted to suit yourselves, perfect support and comfort.
This is an important choice so read more here.


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