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The Olympia - Foam Side View

The Olympia is a well-made softsided waterbed with the same features as most soft sided waterbeds available on-line. We have made some improvements such as the anchoring strip with a double line of fixing screws and much higher quality materials used throughout than other manufacturers use. The fundamental problem is that a piece of foam 9” (23cm) does not have the internal strength and will begin to bow out with the pressure of the water and crumple from the pressure of sitting on the edge. This is a common issue with all waterbeds of this basic design. As the foam begins to lose its shape the mattress will stretch to fill the bigger size. This will create a tension on the surface which will reduce the comfort and support.

The Olympia Deluxe - Foam Side View

 The Olympia Deluxe is a significantly superior quality for only an additional £100. The lower bumper section acts as a rigid retaining well. The benefits of this are numerous with the most important point being that the main pressure of the water is at the base of the foam where it is securely fastened to the anchoring strip. This greatly reduces the pressure on the foam so it will maintain its shape.

We use a more substantial foam with a much reduced internal sloped face. This has two important benefits. The first is obvious from the comparative diagrams. Sitting on the foam edge will not cause the foam to crumple any more than sitting on a sofa. The reduced angle of the internal foam wall allows the waterbed mattress to sit much more naturally and neatly in the foam frame. This in turn reduces puckering of the waterbed mattresses at the top edge so it is not pinched when sitting on the edge. The fabric casing is far tidier with a neat binding trim because it is securely locked in place by the anchoring strip. The hard edge of the deck boards are encapsulated by the upholstered bumper face. This has a far more professional appearance and prevents bruised shins from the unprotected decking of the basic designed waterbeds. Recommendation As a single for a child or an individual of average or below average weight the Olympia would be adequate and would keep the price down. For a couple or an individual of average or above average weight it would be a false economy not to buy the Olympia Deluxe at only £100 extra.


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